Saturday, 20 June 2015

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REACH HIGHER: Inspirational story of Pharrell Williams' rough ride to stardom

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  • Pharrell Williams knew he could make beats & his biggest dream was to produce an album for Michael JacksonMichael so broke his heart, turned down all twenty-something beats Pharrell played for him.This was in 2001.

    Michael that same year 2001, went with the big boys, Teddy Rieley, Baby face & R. Kelly to produce his Album. They called the album "invincible". And that's exactly what it became- invincible: His lowest selling album with only 5m units worldwide, then pushed to 13m after he died. Sony dropped him after Invincible!
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    Back to Pharrell & his collection of beats in 2002, he agreed to finish them up for a white kid who wanted to go solo as an R&B act from an all white pop group. November 5, one of R&B's biggest albums ever was released for Justine Timberlake called "Justified". It was a monster hit, outsold Micheal's. "Cry me a river" took home 4 Grammy awards!

    Pharrell again now looking for a big name to sing a song he wrote and produced. When Silo Green (a more renowned  SINGER) turned him down, he must have remembered MJ as he tried to believe in himself and sang it solo, from top to bottom. The song "Happy" was 2013's biggest song.

    So my dear friend, what big name are you waiting for before you start pushing your dreams? Please look at your potentials first and see how much of you can take this thing down before you begin to cry for help from 2 headed geniuses.

    For many, even confidence in the public is only boosted when a familiar face comes & identifies publicly with them. Please hold your head up high and give your all to the building of you by you. No shelter in the shadows please. You will be shocked how much of you, they'll end up needing. Mark my words!

    Have a beautiful day dearest
    By- Emma Ugolee

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