Sunday, 3 July 2016

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By: Fanafillit On: 02:20
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  • Princess Aderoju Ladega is yet another pride of Ikorodu division to watch out for.

    A young lady with so much passion, fervor, vigour, vision, energy, all channeled towards the elevation and progressive advancement of FIRST OF ALL, her hometown- Ikorodu (no apologies please… charity begins at home); and interest, pursuits, desire, aspiration, hunt and search for betterment of her nation and entire human race.

    She had in so many ways stood up for the cause: IKORODU 1st. Aderoju, a vociferous activist, an ardent humanist who would go any length with you to fight a just cause.

    Born great as a Princess into the Ladega Royal family, Aderoju has not only exhibited the traits of greatness but, she exudes greatness, commands respect, and embodies integrity. Little wonder why she’s called KINIUN IKORODU (LION of IKORODU)!

    She is a writer, social mobilizer, an entrepreneur and activist.

    Princess Ladega is the Founder of Never Say Never Foundation, a foundation with focus on charitable causes aimed towards helping the downtrodden and for progressive development of the grassroots across the nation.

    Ma’am, we at Fanafillit Integrated Concepts are proud to identify with you and we congratulate you for this day and in advance as you Coordinate and steer the wheel of this year edition of our annual grassroots talents exposition, #UNLEASHSeasonV

    God’s graciousness and munificence and above all, good health in mind, body and soul we wish for you this special day.

    Every July 3rd of several decades ahead counts, go forth and make greater acclaims!!!


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